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Combi Posts
A Durable Choice

Combi-posts for sheet-piling consist of an untreated pinewood post with a plastic top-piece.

The pinewood post is situated underwater and only the plastic top-piece protrudes above the waterline. This prevents rotting caused by the interaction of air and water. The top-piece can be worked in the same way as wood; i.e. it can be sawed, drilled, bolted, etc. Because they are maintenance free and have an extremely long lifespan, purchasing Combiposts ultimately leads to substantial cost reductions.

Reasons to use Combi Posts:

  • Maintenance free
  • Durable (lifespan of more than 40 years!)
  • Does not rot or splinter
  • No leaching

Combi Posts have been used:

  • Sneek, NL
  • Heerhugowaard, NL
  • Berkel & Rodenrijs, NL


Plastic top-piece round or square
Round Dimensions (fixed size) : 10 cm
Square Dimensions (fixed size) : 10 x 10 cm
Length : 70 cm (20 cm of which fits over the wooden post)
Standard colour : Black

(total work length = wooden post plus top-piece)
Round Dimensions : 10 cm
Square Dimensions : 10 x 10 cm
Length : from 170 to 400 cm

Connecting piece = recess of 7 x 20 cm.
Supplied connected together.


  • Allow a space of at least 20 mm between the posts for fitting top and connecting pieces. (See figure above.)
  • Fit together by compressing or vibrating into position.
  • The top and connecting pieces are fitted with carriage bolts/screws
  • Technical specifications / additional advice available.

Recycled plastics is the environmentally friendly solution

Increasing concerns about the environment, especially the controversial use of tropical hardwood and chemical treatments, has sparked a search for alternatives for waterside construction projects, we provide all the materials that modern marine construction engineers need to start work. including planks, sheet-piling, jetties and bridges. All these products are made completely from recycled plastic.