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Plastic Deck
Non-slip and Durable

Durable and environmentally friendly!

Our decking is maintenance free, durable, quick & easy to clean, does not splinter and remains completely intact. It is also ultra environmentally friendly. Because it is maintenance free and has an extremely long lifespan, purchasing Plastic Deck ultimately leads to substantial cost reductions due to product longevity and lack of maintenance.

Plastic Deck Planks are also ideal for replacing (wooden) deck planks on existing bridges or jetties.

Pedestrian safety is one of the most important factors in designing walkways and jetties. Plastic Deck has a guaranteed non-slip surface. For even more grip, you can opt for Plastic Deck with a special anti-slip coating.

Reasons to use Plastic Deck:

  • Environmentally friendly (does not leach!)
  • Durable (lifespan longer than 40 years!)
  • Does not rot or splinter
  • Non-slip!

Leroux surface friction test according to NEN 2873

Dry Wet
Eco Deck 88% 66%
Bankirai Hardwood 77% 38%


Plastic Deck

size type spacing*
15 x 3,0 x 300 cm profile 40 cm
18 x 3,9 x 325 cm profile 60 cm
20 x 4,7 x 325 cm profile 80 cm

Standard colour: black and brown

size type spacing*
20 x 4,0 x 325 cm flat 60 cm
15 x 5,0 x 325 cm flat 70 cm

Standard colour: black
(*) 100 kg point load, maximum deflection L/250

Plastic Deck with anti-slip coating
Standard colours black and brown; anti-slip coating in the following colours: "cycle path red",
"footpath grey", "gravel beige" and "bridle path black."

Recycled plastic is the environmentally friendly solution!

Recycled plastic is the environmentally friendly solution! Increasing concerns about the environment, especially the controversial use of tropical hardwood and chemical treatments, has sparked a search for alternatives for waterside construction projects.

Eco Plastic Solutions Ltd. supplies all the materials that modern marine construction engineers need to start work including planks, sheet-piling, jetties and bridges. All these products are made completely from recycled plastic.