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We are a mixed plastic waste recycling company, that take in waste plastic streams and convert them into a range of useful and varied industrial and domestic products. We are able to offer companies who are generating large quantities of mixed plastic waste "closed loop" solutions, for the reuse of their own plastic waste.

Our recycled plastic products replace the use of traditional building materials in a wide range of applications. They do not splinter or crack and are stronger, longer lasting and more flexible than timber.

We supply various products such as decking, fencing, and street furniture to complete buildings for use in Construction, Equestrian and Marine applications. Whilst we have a huge range of stock products, we also provide many of our customers with bespoke solutions. Our materials can be easily nailed, screwed, drilled, shaped and sawn with great ease, thus combining versatility with extreme durability.

Eco Plastic Solutions are at the forefront of the recycled plastics industry. Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes are crucial in an industry where safety and environmental sensitivity are so important. Our continual emphasis on excellence provides products of the highest possible quality.

Everything we manufacture is itself recyclable. So by specifying Eco Plastic Products, you are not only helping to restrict the amount of new plastics being made - but ensuring a high level of environmental credibility for your own projects.

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