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Eco Plastics offer a range of economical bollards manufactured entirely from waste plastic that would traditionally be sent to landfill. Our bollards are durable, environmentally friendly option for both large and small developments or even for temporary sites. Long lasting, minimal maintenance and recyclable in their own right, Eco Plastics bollards are available in black as standard and can be fitted with a variety of reflective tapes or reflectors.

Eco Plastics bollards offer cost effective, elegant solutions that offer significant benefits compared to the use of traditional materials.

  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Labour saving and maintenance free.

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of any project.

  • Is 100% recycled and can be recycled.

  • Diverts material from landfill.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

  • Reduced whole life costs.

  • Minimal maintenance.

  • Vandal resistant.

  • High impact resistance.