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EPS Tongue & Groove 

Extremely High Impact Resistance

Durable and environmentally friendly

EPS Tongue & Groove Planking was originally developed specifically for use in stables but is now being used for many other applications including fencing and various animal enclosures.

In conventional stables, the lower sections of steel framework are covered with hardwood. EPS Tongue & Groove Planks are made from high-quality recycled plastics. They combine the workability of wood with the durability and impact resistance of plastic.

Eco Plastic Solutions provides support in the form of comprehensive advice on construction and working with EPS Tongue & Groove Planking.

Reasons to use EPS Tongue-&-Groove:

  • Easy to clean, which guarantees better hygiene.

  • Maintenance free

  • Does not contract as a result of drying out, which means it will not crack

  • Extremely high impact resistance

  • Can be screwed, drilled and sawed in the same way as wood