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Products: Kerbing

Eco Plastics in conjunction with Ezikerb have developed a comprehensive range of kerbing products from 100% recycled composite materials that would of otherwise been destined for landfill. Offering significant commercial and technical benefits, these products are approved for use by a number of local authorities throughout the country.

  • Manual Handling - no lifting equipment needed - maximum lift for top and base is:- (6.5kg Base+ 4kg protective strip then later 12.5kg top)

  • Replaces brick on edge technique

  • Reduces on site damage

  • Improves speed of road adoption

  • Saves on installation time and costs

  • Flat surface

  • No misalignment concerns/flexibility

  • Durable and resistant to damage

  • One operation - and allows 'gradual release' on a house by house basis

  • Faster to lay by approx 100% at beginning of build (can be laid by one operative)

  • Top fitting and alignment at end of build is unskilled

  • No waste - no breakages no need to return to site to repair kerbstones which would normally delay adoption

  • Longer life

  • Potential to use your plastic waste