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Eco Plastic Pile Head

Eco Plastic Pile Head is the alternative to wooden foundation posts for jetties and mooring posts.

The  Pile Head is a new product for marine construction engineers. Until now, there was no (cost) effective solution. The main advantages of the Pile Head are its stiffness and the well thought-out design.

Nearly all materials rot at the waterline as a result of the interaction between water and air, but because of their unique properties, Pile Heads remain completely intact.

Construction Pile Planking can be worked in the same way as wood: i.e. it can be sawed, drilled, bolted, etc.

Square Pile Heads - small and large version

Jetty with pile heads under construction

Reasons to use Pile Head:


  • Indestructible

  • Maintenance free

  • Durable (lifespan of more than 40 years!)

  • Does not rot or splinter

  • No leaching

  • Easy to saw and drill




Pile Head - small
Round 18.5 x 50 cm
Square 19.5 x 19.5 x 70 cm
Weight: 34 kg per pile head

Pile Head - large
Round 18.5 x 50 cm
Square 19.5 x 19.5 x 120 cm
Weight: 50 kg per pile head

Weight: 12 kg per metre
Round 15 cm x 70 / 200 cm
Pile Head round 
colour : black 


Square Pile Heads - small and large version

Jetty with pile heads under construction

Completed jetty

The Pile Head is placed on top of a pinewood post and fixed in position with a steel sleeve. The pinewood post is situated underwater and only the Ecoplastic Pile Head protrudes above the waterline. The ecoplastic Pile Head is the perfect top-piece for wooden posts and prevents rotting caused by the interaction of air and water.

Two models of the pile head are available: square and round. With the square Pile Head, the lower section is round and tapered to the square top. The square ecoplastic Pile Head is mainly suitable to be used as a foundation post for jetties.

Round ecoplastic Pile Heads have a fixed diameter of 15 cm, a minimum length of 70 cm and a maximum length of 200 cm. The round pile heads make ideal mooring posts.

The construction process is as follows: 

  1. First, the wooden post is driven into the bedding until it protrudes approximately 50 cm above the waterline.

  2. After doing this, the steel sleeve together with the Pile Head are placed on the wooden post.

  3. Wooden screw-thread bolts are then fed through the openings in the steel sleeve to connect the Pile Head and wooden post together.

  4. The whole construction can now be adjusted to the correct level.