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Indestructible, Environmentally Friendly

The standard for quality

Eco Plastic furniture is extremely durable. Our benches and picnic sets are maintenance free.

It is the perfect enhancement for any outside area; be it a Park, Street or Public house. The material is frost-proof, UV-resistant and has a lifespan of well in excess of 40 years.

These products contribute to a cleaner environment, are made from carefully selected recycled plastic, are not impregnated and therefore do not leach toxic substances into the ground or water table. Furthermore, they can always be recycled again; reuse is guaranteed.


Reasons to use Eco Plastic Benches:

  • Maintenance free

  • Durable (lifespan of more than 40 years!)

  • Will not rot

  • Splinter-proof

  • Environmentally friendly




Bank with back
Dimensions : 180 (length) x 45 (width) cm

Colour : Black and brown

Dimensions : 12,0 (width) x 4,0 (height) x 180 (length) cm
Colour : Black and brown

Dimension : 10,0 (width) x 5,0 (height) x 200 (length) cm
Colour : Black and brown

Colour : Black


Benches are supplied as construction kits with pre-drilled holes and galvanised carriage bolts. Black frame and cross-piece stay.

Picnic Sets 
Indestructible and Environmentally Friendly


Picnic set
Picnic with black or brown seating and tabletop
Dimensions : 200 (length) x 151 (width) cm
Available with or without stays

Four-bench picnic set
Square picnic set with 4 benches with black or brown seating and tabletop
Dimensions : 235 x 235 cm
Supplied with stays.

Picnic sets delivered as pre-assembled units.