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Products: Reinforced Beams

A Solid Solution


Durable and environmentally friendly

These are maintenance free, durable and does not splinter or rot, but the main advantage is strength. At the present time, this material can be used to span lengths of up to 5 metres. It is also ultra environmentally friendly, which means no leaching into surface water or groundwater! Beams are made from recycled plastic and reinforced with steel (see cross-section diagram).

Reasons for use:

  • Maintenance free

  • Durable (lifespan of more than 40 years!)

  • Does not rot or splinter

  • No leaching


Steel-reinforced products help reduce costs because fewer uprights are needed for support (greater span width) and the labour costs for the construction and fitting work are lower. The fact that this system is maintenance free obviously also helps reduce costs even further.

Recycled Plastics are the environmentally friendly solution!

Increasing concerns about the environment, especially the controversial use of tropical hardwoods and chemical treatments, has sparked a search for alternatives for waterside construction projects.

Recycled plastic is the environmentally friendly solution! In the construction of, for example, jetties and bridges, girders have to be stiffer and longer to cover increasingly greater span widths between supports. Lankhorst has solved this problem by combining plastic with steel.