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Products: Roofing Battens and Nailer Profile

Developed in recognition of the need to replace a valuable resource, timber, in an application where the aesthetic qualities of timber are not required. The Eco Plastics roofing batten and nailer profiles are the environmentally viable alternative for this high volume application.

Eco Plastics battens will accept a nail and screw as easily as timber and the strength to hold the nail or screw is greater than that of timber. Readily available in convenient lengths the Eco Plastics roofing batten and nailer profiles will reduce whole life costs and provide additional benefits for the construction industry.

  • Lasts five times longer than timber,

  • Durable and long lasting.

  • Labour saving and maintenance free.

  • Uniform in length and diameter, unlike timber has no knots.

  • Less flammable than timber.

  • Can be cut, screwed, nailed and bolted.

  • Will not rot, crack, split or splinter therefore does not need protective gloves to handle.

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of any project.

  • Is 100% recycled and can be recycled.

  • UV resistant.

  • Diverts material from landfill.