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EPS Grid 

Durable Soil Consolidation

Mud and sludge are things of the past! EPS Grid is ideal for soft ground. EPS Grid is a soil consolidation product made from recycled polythene and offers a solution to soil erosion.

EPS Grid was developed together with agricultural specialists in order to produce the most effective system possible. This means that, with EPS Grid, you know you have the best product on the market today.


Reasons to use EPS Grid:

  • No quagmires

  • Reduced skidding hazards due to firm ground

  • Lightweight and easy to lay

  • Can be driven on

  • Durable

  • Flexible

  • High load-bearing capacity

  • Easy to lay


EPS Grid is the soil consolidation system for the agricultural sector. EPS Grid can, for example, be used for/on:

  • Storage yards

  • Poultry/livestock farms

  • Pastures

  • Driveways and paths

  • Manage & Show rings


  • Soil consolidation

  • Anti-slip

  • Does not shear

  • Weatherproof and environmentally neutral.

  • High load-bearing capacity

  • Elastic

  • Durable drainage

  • Subsoil stabilisation

  • Ammonia resistant

  • Frost-proof and UV-resistant

  • Can be filled with soil, gravel or grass


Quick and easy to lay

  1. Fit

  2. Push back

  3. Connect

  4. Click

  5. Finished!